WARNING: The software available from this website is only suitable for computers running RISC OS!
Download Files
AWPatch0.232005-01-199013557 bytesPatches Artworks to fix several bugs of the original version(s)
BigRamDisc0.032005-01-19883781 bytesA patch which allows the RamDisc of RISC OS 3.50 to 3.71 to have more than 16 Mbytes
DDEPatch0.112005-01-198483336 bytesPatches Squirrel to become RISC OS 4 compatible
DiscResc0.152005-01-1928197 bytes'Read only' version of a disc fixer (with F+ format support)
Discspeed0.242005-01-199437275 bytesHard disc (and CD-ROM) benchmarking program
GDPatch0.072005-01-1928924 bytesPatches Computer Concepts' GDraw module to allow Artworks to export more complex objects
Reformat0.072005-01-1977910950 bytesA demo version of Reformat (doesn't do any changes to the disc[s])
ShutdownWatcher0.322005-01-198041187 bytesAsks for confirmation before shutting the computer down
SICK1.282005-12-1454900 bytesSystem Information and Configuration Kit (still not 32-bit compatible)

¹ Upload dates have been 'resettet' on 2005-01-19 by a server update.
² Only downloads since 2005-12-02 are counted.

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